Costa Blanca Beach Games

Destino Seguro Alicante 2021

The I Alicante Costa Blanca Beach Games 2021, were born so that the city of Alicante can be a world benchmark in beach sports and a unique sporting event in Spain can be held at Playa de San Juan, which in this first edition will feature with four sports modalities, waiting in future editions, to expand to other modalities. In addition, invite all participants and companions to visit our city, our beaches and hotels sharing a unique cuisine in restaurants throughout the Costa Blanca.

The originality of the demonstration consists in the fact that the invitation to participate is addressed to all the clubs of the different beach teams in the world, without any exclusion of race, custom or political color.

A tournament in the Playa de San Juan-Alicante in the authorized sports area, which will have more than 1,000 participants that, in addition to the competition matches on the beach, has numerous events that usually include: Tourist visits to the city and province, Live radio programs, Coaches dinner reception, brotherhood meal with a Giant Paella, performances, Fan Zone for participants, leisure areas, etc.

In this way, we want the city of Alicante to become an international tournament of beach sports, of coexistence and camaraderie, that around our I Alicante Costa Blanca Beach Games 2021, a great network of contacts and exchanges are developed , of relationships, often of remarkable human intensity, that find the most emblematic moments in our city, which, with their originality and spectacularity, constitute a real attraction for our visitors.