300 DAYS of sunshine a year



The Costa Blanca is characterized by a special climate as its inhabitants enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year with average annual temperatures of 18 degrees.

During the month of May, where the competition will take place, the average temperatures are very pleasant, hovering around 20-22 degrees Celsius, and temperatures of between 25-28 degrees can be reached at noon.

Little or no rainfall and days of great luminosity accompany the days of May.


The Costa Blanca has a large number of beaches that are one of its main tourist attractions. Year after year they receive the recognition of the European Union with Blue Flags that give them a deserved international prestige and give a good account of their quality.

Torrevieja has like most cities and towns on the Costa Blanca many beautiful beaches. In Torrevieja there are four fine sandy beaches along the coast, in addition, you will find several quiet bays, where you can enjoy a swim in peace away from the crowd. There is a large promenade, which connects the south of Torrevieja with the north, from the “Playa de los Naufragos”, located in the southern part of Torrevieja, to the “Playa de La Mata”. All the beaches of Torrevieja are certified according to the quality and environmental standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Torrevieja gastronomy is characterized by its quality, reflected both in its dishes and in its hospitality sector, with exceptional service and category. In addition, Mediterranean cuisine is very diverse and is based on products from both the sea and its nearby orchard, the rich and famous Huerta del Bajo Segura. A balanced and tasty cuisine, which perfectly combines meat and fish with vegetables, through different recipes.

The basis of Torrevieja cuisine is fish, exemplified through its well-known cauldron. The cauldron is nothing more than a type of rice made with the broth of the best fish, rock fish, such as redfish, grouper and whitebait (small fish) from this type of seabed. The diet followed by these species gives them a very characteristic flavour, which provides very tasty broths with which this type of rice is made, in an iron container called a “cauldron”, which gives it an even more particular taste.


Torrevieja es una ciudad multicultural, con una gran cantidad de festividades definidas por su tradición y singularidad, incluso declaradas como de interés turístico: caso éste de la Semana Santa y la Feria de Mayo, una feria al más puro estilo andaluz. Entre las fiestas populares más atractivas, destacan las fiestas en honor a la Virgen del Carmen, en julio, y las fiestas patronales en honor a la Inmaculada Concepción, en el mes de diciembre.


The Virgen del Carmen is the patron saint of fishermen, so we are talking about a festival that is inextricably linked to the sentiment of the Torrevieja Fishermen’s Guild, which organizes different activities every year around July 16. This big day begins with “la diana”, a parade of a music band through the main streets that announces the day of the patron saint of fishermen. It is followed by the traditional cucaña, at noon, and the Magna Procession in the late afternoon, a beautiful maritime procession in which the fishermen parade their Patron Saint.


The Immaculate Conception is the Patron Saint of Torrevieja. Every year, during the last week of November and the first week of December, the Patron Saint Festivities are celebrated in the city, in which you can enjoy concerts, gastronomic contests, poetry contests, parades of giants and big heads, fireworks , popular barracks and much more. These celebrations conclude with the Solemn Eucharist to the Immaculate Conception.


Like any city that faces the Mediterranean, Torrevieja maintains intact all its cultural heritage legacy for generations that have been preserving a varied and rich heritage and that with the imprint of the Torrevejenses has been enriched with nuances.

This wealth can be recovered in the variety of its museums that populate the city.

It is also worth mentioning the well-known International Contest of Habaneras and Polyphony of Torrevieja declared of International Tourist Interest.


Torrevieja has four outstanding museums, the “Museo del Mar y la Sal” where the complex relationship between the sea, salt and Torrevieja is expressed, the “Museo Flotante Submarino S-61 Delfín”, the first ship of the Spanish Navy to be turned into a floating museum, the “Albatros III Customs Surveillance Floating Patrol Museum”, a reconstruction of the original boat used by sailors from Torrevieja to trade their precious salt, and the “Museo de Nativity Scenes”, a private collection of art and tradition, which brings together figures of renowned national and international figurines.


One of the most important cultural events in the city is the International Contest of Habaneras and Polyphony, declared of International Tourist Interest, song of Caribbean origin resulting from the round trips of sailors from Torrevieja to those lands. Every year, at the end of July, you will be able to enjoy this melody by the sea, in the old enclosure where, years ago, the salt workers from Torrevieja would pile up the salt for later transport to the merchant ships. In addition to the Contest and in a more popular environment, during the same month, the so-called “Night of Habaneras on the Beach” is celebrated, where sitting on the sand of Playa del Cura, you can listen to the best-known habaneras. For more information, you can visit the website https://habaneras.org/en/home-2/www.habaneras.org


There are many leisure alternatives in our city. In Torrevieja you have different areas and activities to enjoy your leisure time.

The city center is undoubtedly one of the best places to do so, with a large quantity, diversity and quality of shops where you can have fun shopping. In addition, you have an important offer of shopping centers, water parks and unrivaled nightlife areas, such as the pubs immersed in the marinas of the port dock.

Another very interesting option is to dedicate your day to a maritime excursion, which you can focus on the Torrevieja coast, or on the nearby Tabarca Island, the first marine reserve in Spain…

Visitors to the II Beach Games Costa Blanca can find more detailed information on the official Torrevieja Tourism website.